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Forwarding Services is the leading company in cargo clearing business in the Maldives.

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Our success in cargo clearing business is due to our unbeatable prices and high quality services we offer to our clients.

Staff Experience & dedication

At Forwarding, we are blessed with a highly dedicated team of staff who could very well be said as one of the pioneers in their field of work and their experience exceeds their qualification on paper. Some of the staff dates back from the time when manual Tariff Book was used, where staff had to manually look up for correct codes when filling up custom declarations.

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Our Philosophy

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Our Philosophy

We strive to bring our clients consignments safe and secure to their final destinations by offering 24/7 services to ensure the consignments are cleared and delivered to their final destination on time, every time.

Service Policy

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Service Policy

Forwarding Services strives to meet customers’ demands to provide quality services at affordable and fair prices while acting in accordance with the government rules and regulations. Although it is our policy to attend all the clients who comes to Forwarding Services for their clearing needs, we ensure that no illegal or suspicious consignments are cleared through us. Such suspicions or illegal consignments will be reported to concerned authorities without delay. Therefore we maintain high ethical standards in our dealings.

Our Delivery

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Our Delivery is all our our country

Forwarding Services low staff turnover over the years is a testament to the excellent treatment of staff members by the company through attractive remuneration packages and policies that covers staff welfare fairly. Currently Forwarding Services have a team more than 85 staff working in various departments within the company. All staff are well versed in Maldives customs laws and regulations and have undergone various trainings organized by Customs Services, including Maldives Customs Service’s Director Trader Input (DTI) Software and Harmonized System(HS) Codes (Commodity Classification), and import/export law and regulations.


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